NEW RELEASE: Anabasis by Mak Long

AnabasisDid you ever wish that Lord of the Rings had more women? And specifically more lesbians?
Here at Ladylit we are very happy to be able to grant you your wish with our latest release Anabasis by newcomer Mak Long. This is our first foray into the fantasy genre and we are proud to go on this adventure with this beautifully written story that will take you on an exciting journey through an old world with human warrior Basti and elf ranger Irhal.
Another reason for pride is that Mak Long is from our home Hong Kong, so that warrants a double celebration on this Thanksgiving day!


Here’s the blurb

Two warriors on a journey of conflict and passion

Ancient beyond memory, the lands of the Middle Sea are the dying embers of a glorious culture that once spanned the Five Directions—and beyond. Now cruel and decadent, the fractious city-republics of the Commonwealth cling to the last remnants of former magnificence.

Through this scarred world comes Basti, a gunslinger, a soldier, and a mercenary from the icebound North seeking to make the perilous journey through hostile territory, only to discover that desire and love can burn bright even in the shattered wasteland. Joined in her travels by Irhal, a huntress and daughter of the forest and of the Fae, the headlong collision between two alien ways of life births conflict, passion, and the promise of renewal.

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