Book Giveaway: High Rise (The Complete Collection)

We are giving away two signed paperbacks of Harper Bliss’ High Rise (The Complete Collection) via GoodReads. You can enter via this link or the widget below. Harper has promised to write a special naughty message in the winners’ copies. 😉

Good luck!

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High Rise by Harper Bliss

High Rise

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New Release: Close Enough (High Rise Novella Four) by Harper Bliss

Close EnoughToday we’re releasing Close Enough by Harper Bliss the fourth and last instalment in the High Rise series.

Here’s the blurb
Scarred by the cruel break-up with her former girlfriend, Nat has difficulty committing to Isabella. Isabella is not interested in a casual relationship, but she finds it hard to let Nat go. Will Nat and Isabella find the common ground to overcome the vast differences between their personalities and lifestyle?

And here are the FREE download links (until Sunday 31 March)
Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon DE / Amazon CA / Amazon FR / Amazon ES / Amazon IT

You could read Close Enough as a standalone title, but we would recommend reading the previous novellas beforehand. To refresh your memory, we’ve made Fool for Love (High Rise Novella One) and Undisclosed Desires (High Rise Novella Two) free as well for the next two days.

Here are the download links (until Friday 29 March)

Fool for Love (High Rise Novella One)
Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon DE / Amazon CA / Amazon FR / Amazon IT / Amazon ES

Undisclosed Desires (High Rise Novella Two)
Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon DE / Amazon CA / Amazon FR / Amazon IT / Amazon ES

This marks the final episode of this sexy series set in Hong Kong. Early April we will publish all four of them bundled together as e-book and paperback. Enjoy!

High Rise Novella Three: No Ordinary Love

No Ordinary LoveThe third novella in Harper Bliss’s High Rise series, No Ordinary Love, is out today and it’s FREE until Tuesday.

Here’s the blurb:
Hot fitness instructor Alex and posh banker Maddie are enjoying the delicious early stages of their love affair, until Alex’s ex-girlfriend Rita re-enters the scene. Adamant to win Alex back, Rita begs for forgiveness, leaving Alex torn between the past and the future.

And here are the free download links (until Tuesday):
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Amazon UK
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Amazon FR
Amazon IT
Amazon ES

Maddie and Alex will of course make another appearance in High Rise Novella Four, but No Ordinary Love wraps up their story. If you need a reminder of what happened to Maddie and Alex before, Fool for Love is also FREE for the next two days.

Here are the download links for Fool for Love:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon DE
Amazon CA
Amazon FR
Amazon IT
Amazon ES

High Rise Novella Two: Undisclosed Desires

Undisclosed Desires The second book in Harper Bliss’s High Rise series, Undisclosed Desires, is out today and it’s free until Sunday.

Here’s the blurb
Nat, a successful American writer who came to Hong Kong following the love of her life, chases every girl she can after a brutal break-up. Her neighbour Isabella, who has shied away from relationships since her divorce five years earlier, finds herself compelled to help. They strike up an unlikely friendship and are soon faced with a growing desire for each other. But can their differences in age, aspirations and lifestyle be overcome?

And here are the free download links (until Sunday):
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon DE
Amazon CA

2012 has been really great for Ladylit. Since our foundation in May we have released sixteen titles, many of which made it into the top 20 on Amazon’s lesbian best sellers list. The first planned publications for 2013 are the remaining two High Rise novellas and a print version of all of them combined. We are very excited about the new year and very grateful to everyone who supported us so far. To share the joy, here’s a list of planned promotions during the next two weeks.

– 19-23 December: Undisclosed Desires is free on Amazon
– 25-27 December: Summer Heat is free on Amazon
– 28-30 December: Younger Than Yesterday is free on Amazon
– 24-27 December: Fool for Love will only be $0.99 on Amazon

Dirty Pleasure is always free on Amazon
Wetter is always free on Amazon and elsewhere
New Girl is always free from these retailers
All of Me is always free from these retailers

Enjoy, thank you and we wish you wonderful holidays!

Harper goes serial and why we love KDP Select

Fool for Love Ladylit is proud to publish Fool for Love, Harper Bliss’s first novella in the brand new High Rise series.

Here’s the blurb:
Betrayed by her long-term girlfriend, Alex moves into The Ivy to share a flat with her friend Nat. When she meets their neighbour Maddie, a jaded expat who’s had about enough of Hong Kong’s demanding life style, both Maddie and Alex are forced to reassess their warped view on love.

This new title is novella-length, meaning 23.000 words of lesbian erotic romance goodness. Fool for Love is free until Saturday on Amazon, so go grab your copy now!

The next High Rise novella will be released just before Christmas.

Why is Fool for Love only available on Amazon?
Once again, we’ve opted to put our latest release in the KDP Select program. This allows us to do a big promotion off the bat, by giving Fool for Love away for free the first five days. I wish I could say we’re only doing this out of the goodness of our own heart, but publishing is a business just like any other and, business-wise, KDP Select has been very good for us.

The first book we put in was Learning Curve which, as a result, has been in Amazon’s lesbian best sellers list since the beginning of August. Quite a feat for a short erotica story. Summer Heat and Younger Than Yesterday followed the same pattern, soaring into the top 20 a few days after their release date, and remaining there until now. (In fact, Younger Than Yesterday has been holding steady on number five the past few days.)

In all honesty, we never expected this kind of immediate success. We believed, like with many good things, it would be a slow build, with sales increasing after every new release, but KDP Select blew all of our expectations right out of the water.

I’m not saying that every book put into KDP Select will be a success. A few other key elements need to be present for a book to work. It needs to be good, for starters. (You may think this is a no-brainer, but, sadly, it’s not.) You need an attractive cover and, last but not least, you need to publish in a competitive category.

Erotica as a genre has been doing astonishingly well in the aftermath of Fifty Shades of Grey and I believe Harper’s books are filling a certain void in lesbian erotic fiction. All too often, lesbian erotica is written by men posing as women, resulting in the same old tale of a young straight girl discovering the joys of lady-loving with her roommate/best friend/other generic partner. Harper writes stories about real lesbians (and the occasional straight woman) and her characters don’t just meet and dive into bed together. They actually have conversations and… chemistry.

Add that to what KDP Select can do for a book, and the last three Harper Bliss stories have been very successful. But what does KDP Select do for a book exactly? Here’s our experience.

It makes your book visible
This is probably the single most important advantage. Thousands of new books get released every day. When a few thousand people download your book for free, it will very quickly make an appearance in the ‘Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought’ lists, which is of vital importance.

It makes your book lendable to Amazon Prime members
Prime members get to lend one free book per month, but the publisher still gets paid for every borrow. Even better, Harper Bliss’s last three short stories have been consistently priced at $1.99, but when someone borrows it we get royalties as if the books were priced at $2.99. With the difference between the 1.99 and 2.99 price point being 35% in royalty rate, this is very advantageous for lower priced titles.

These are the main two reasons why we love KDP Select and will take advantage of it as long as it’s available. Don’t worry if you’re not an Amazon fan though, we plan a first High Rise Omnibus by the end of the year (which will be available from all retailers) and a second one, including a paperback edition, by March 2013.

Still haven’t downloaded Fool for Love? What are you waiting for?