French Kissing: Episode Five by Harper Bliss

French Kissing: Episode FiveBlurb
In Episode Five of French Kissing the ladies are licking their wounds after all the heartbreak—and drowning their sorrows in too much French wine.

While Nadia and Juliette rekindle their broken relationship, Steph goes on holiday with Dominique, meeting the députée’s children for the first time. Claire, too, is vacationing—and feeling sorry for herself—at her parents’ summer home in Provence. Meanwhile, back in Paris, Margot struggles to make a final decision. Who will she choose to be with in the end? And is forgiveness really all it takes for Nadia and Juliette’s relationship to survive?

This is the fifth of six episodes of season one in the FRENCH KISSING serial. The complete first season (six episodes) will be released as a boxed set in June 2014.

Warning: This title contains sensual language, ladies making love, fighting for top, over-indulgence in alcohol and cliffhangers.

Word count: 25.000

Price: $2.99

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