Bossier: More Productive Tales of Lesbian Lust

Following the success of Bossy, Ladylit is back with a new collection of productive tales of lesbian lust. The ladies featured in these short stories do know how to make the workplace interesting, be it a book store, a garage, a corporate office, a dairy farm or a fitness studio. Bringing together stories by Harper Bliss, Emily L. Byrne, Rachel O. Esplanade, Ava-Ann Holland and Axa Lee, ‘Bossier: More Productive Tales of Lesbian Lust’ is most certainly Not Suitable For Work.

Table of Contents
Objects of Desire by Ava-Ann Holland
Full Service by Rachel O. Esplanade
Wage Slave by Emily L. Byrne
Night Shift by Axa Lee
One-on-One by Harper Bliss

Word count: 17.000

Price: $3.99

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