NEW RELEASE: In the Distance There Is Light by Harper Bliss

In the Distance There Is LightHow is September treating you so far? At Ladylit we decided to escape the Hong Kong heat for a few weeks and headed to Brisbane for some cooler weather, nice food and wine, and overall Ozzie awesomeness. We are also treating this as a short trial for our future digital nomad lifestyle, and we’ve loved every second of it.

We’re especially happy that we’re able to enjoy the excitement of a new release while on our getaway, and what a release it has been so far. Harper Bliss’ newest novel In the Distance There Is Light shot up the charts right from the start and has been sitting at the top ever since in most Amazon stores.

This book is a bit controversial and not your standard lesbian romance story, but it is packed full of emotions and of course it features Harper’s signature steamy scenes.

Here’s the blurb:

Two women lose the man they love. All they have left is each other.

Sophie’s life is turned upside down when her partner, Ian, dies in a tragic accident. The only one who can understand her devastation is Ian’s stepmother, Dolores. Together, they try to make sense of their loss and rebuild their shattered lives. While their shared grief brings them closer, it also takes their relationship in an unexpected direction. Where does sorrow end and romance begin? Or has Ian’s death blurred the lines too much?

If you love deeply emotional lesbian romance with a twinge of controversy, don’t miss this intense but hopeful novel by chart-topper Harper Bliss.

Early reviews have been great:

“A wonderful and deeply moving romance novel!”

“This is in no way a unicorn farting rainbows book. But the way she writes this, it makes sense.”

“Harper Bliss handles this delicate subject with sensitivity and panache.”

You can get it as an ebook from
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Amazon DE

And as a paperback from
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