NEW RELEASE: Polar Shift by Laila Blake

Polar ShiftIt is no secret that here at Ladylit we love Laila Blake. She has contributed stories to most of our anthologies and mini-anthologies, and a few months ago we brought out a selection of these short stories in her very own collection Girls in Love. And now we are proud to present her most recent work, lesbian erotic novelette Polar Shift, which tells the story of Megan, a shy amateur photographer, and Kaylah, a seemingly uppity model. Their assumptions about each other, and their power dynamic, will be challenged, providing you with a scorching read that will heat up your day.

Here’s the blurb
Kaylah Shaw is everything Megan never wanted: impatient and abrasive, too tall and groomed to an unnatural perfection. One encounter is enough to last the failed photographer a lifetime. When she moves into Megan’s apartment building, however, Kaylah shows up at her door, with her smooth, long legs and a compelling smile, and surprises her with the request for a photoshoot. Finding some undeniable quality at the bottom of her dark eyes, Megan agrees, never expecting that Kaylah would take control of the shoot, with gentle but unerring dominance, and open her up to a world never explored before.

Caution: This title contains graphic language and lesbian sex and is suitable for adults only.

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