BossierWho doesn’t love a good tale of hanky-panky at work? With Bossier Ladylit brings you the sequel to Bossy, and we’ve enlisted some new authors to shake things up with their stories of lesbian lust in the workplace. Their styles, settings and characters may vary but they are all sizzling hot and will make even the laziest of you want to get out and be productive.

Here’s the blurb:
Following the success of Bossy, Ladylit is back with a new collection of productive tales of lesbian lust. The ladies featured in these short stories do know how to make the workplace interesting, be it a book store, a garage, a corporate office, a dairy farm or a fitness studio. Bringing together stories by Harper Bliss, Emily L. Byrne, Rachel O. Esplanade, Ava-Ann Holland and Axa Lee, ‘Bossier: More Productive Tales of Lesbian Lust’ is most certainly Not Suitable For Work.

Table of Contents
Objects of Desire by Ava-Ann Holland
Full Service by Rachel O. Esplanade
Wage Slave by Emily L. Byrne
Night Shift by Axa Lee
One-on-One by Harper Bliss

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