NEW RELEASE: As Years Go By by Harper Bliss

As Years Go ByWe’re very happy to announce the release of Harper Bliss’ first standalone novelette since I Still Remember (one full year ago!) Harper has two more of these in the works (“increasing in hotness and orgasm count as Christmas approaches,” Harper says) and next month will also see the release of Harper’s long awaited novel At the Water’s Edge (“the tear jerker with only three naughty scenes,” Harper says.) (“Shut up now, Harper. We’re trying to write a blog post here!”)

Harper has this to say about As Years Go By on her blog. We think it’s one of her best yet, displaying deep emotions, nostalgia for a love gone wrong, and raw need as well as tenderness and understanding.

Here’s the blurb:
At her son’s graduation ceremony, Jodie unexpectedly runs into her ex-partner Leigh. Because of how painfully it ended between them, Jodie is taken aback at first, but gradually allows Leigh to draw her back in—just like she used to—and shock soon makes way for memories of the intense desire they once shared.

And it’s available from these retailers:
Direct from Ladylit
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon DE
Amazon CA
All Romance

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