French Kissing, a new serial by Harper Bliss

After High Rise, Harper Bliss has embarked on creating a brand new serial called French Kissing. Episodes One and Two are already available and Episode Three is expected around March 17th.

French Kissing: Episode OneBlurb
Claire and Juliette have been best friends for twenty years. Together they own a successful PR agency in Paris, but their journey to success has come at a price. Juliette and her partner Nadia have drifted apart after ten years together while Claire hasn’t been on a real date for as long as she can remember. Meanwhile, their happily single employee Steph is getting a bit too close to a new, high-profile client.

Warning: This title contains sensual language, ladies making love and cliffhangers.




French Kissing: Episode TwoBlurb
In Episode Two of French Kissing some things are not what they seem, secrets come out and new players emerge, causing more trouble and drama for the ladies of Barbier & Cyr and their loved ones.

Warning: This title contains sensual language, ladies making love, escalating lesbo drama and even more cliffhangers.




French Kissing is a lesbian erotic romance serial following four Parisian women’s adventures in life and love.

Season One will consist of 6 episodes in total and the complete season will be available as a boxed set in June 2014.

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