Introducing A Hotter State

While it is certainly true that Ladylit loves lesbian erotica, we are also well aware that it’s not the only genre out there. However, with a name like Ladylit we can hardly start publishing m/m erotica. It just wouldn’t work. 😉 So, we’ve launched a brand new imprint called A Hotter State, which will publish any erotica genre imaginable.

To ease ourselves into it, A Hotter State‘s first four titles are f/f erotica (we just can’t help ourselves), but we’re working on a few m/m and f/m titles as we speak.

So, if you’ve always wanted to submit to us, but felt restricted by our f/f calls, now’s your chance! Submission guidelines for A Hotter State can be found here. (And Ladylit is still wide open for submissions as well!)

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