High Rise Novella Two: Undisclosed Desires

Undisclosed Desires The second book in Harper Bliss’s High Rise series, Undisclosed Desires, is out today and it’s free until Sunday.

Here’s the blurb
Nat, a successful American writer who came to Hong Kong following the love of her life, chases every girl she can after a brutal break-up. Her neighbour Isabella, who has shied away from relationships since her divorce five years earlier, finds herself compelled to help. They strike up an unlikely friendship and are soon faced with a growing desire for each other. But can their differences in age, aspirations and lifestyle be overcome?

And here are the free download links (until Sunday):
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon DE
Amazon CA

2012 has been really great for Ladylit. Since our foundation in May we have released sixteen titles, many of which made it into the top 20 on Amazon’s lesbian best sellers list. The first planned publications for 2013 are the remaining two High Rise novellas and a print version of all of them combined. We are very excited about the new year and very grateful to everyone who supported us so far. To share the joy, here’s a list of planned promotions during the next two weeks.

– 19-23 December: Undisclosed Desires is free on Amazon
– 25-27 December: Summer Heat is free on Amazon
– 28-30 December: Younger Than Yesterday is free on Amazon
– 24-27 December: Fool for Love will only be $0.99 on Amazon

Dirty Pleasure is always free on Amazon
Wetter is always free on Amazon and elsewhere
New Girl is always free from these retailers
All of Me is always free from these retailers

Enjoy, thank you and we wish you wonderful holidays!

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