…more specifically, LadyLit books. In our first blog post, we already talked about Harper Bliss (who has her own blog with juicy bits of news all over it) and her first LadyLit release Hired Help. Today we’re focusing on the other member of the LadyLit family: Lee Harlem Robinson.

Lee currently has two available publications, the full-length novel Come and Go and the free prequel short story Dirty Pleasure, which has been residing steadily in the Kindle Free Short Story chart since its price dropped to zero.

Lee’s story is a bit of an unusual one since, well, she’s not a real person. Lee Harlem Robinson is a fictional character created for a blog. To preserve the direct writing style of the blog, Lee’s creator thought it better to establish Lee Harlem Robinson as the author of her own story. After almost 300 blog posts it would have been strange to suddenly stick a different name on the narration of Lee’s adventures, especially since they’ve always been written from the first person perspective. And, we might as well admit it, Lee Harlem Robinson is just one hell of a name.

Come and GoLee’s first novel Come and Go deals with her dramatic adventures in romance once she sets foot on Hong Kong soil. It has been described by Amazon reviewers as ‘an entertaining and engrossing read, which lets the reader ponder whether the traditional sense of relationship of monogamy and plain vanilla sex works for everyone’ and ‘the Hong Kong L Word or an Asian expat version of Lip Service’. All the places in the book are real, so if you live in Hong Kong (or have visited) you get some extra value added to your reading experience. It’s available as both an e-book and in paperback and our next step is to get it in some brick-and-mortar bookshops.

Dirty PleasureDirty Pleasure is a short story with the same characters and settings as Come and Go and time-wise it is set before Come and Go starts. It describes the crazy weekend in Hong Kong when Lee meets her ‘lesbros’ and it is completely free. You can get it either from Amazon (Kindle), iTunes (iPad) or download it via our website.

A sequel novella to Come and Go is planned for late 2012.

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