Hired Help

There’s no better day to kick off the LadyLit blog than on the day the first Harper Bliss ebook is let loose on the world. Harper is LadyLit’s resident erotica writer and her stories come with a serious disclaimer, caution: hot!

Hired Help* is the first in a series of lesbian erotic stories set in the most tantalising places in the world. The next instalment will be released in early July (increasing the already unbearable Hong Kong summer heat substantially).

LadyLit also published ‘Come and Go’ and ‘Dirty Pleasure’, both by Lee Harlem Robinson. Of course, Lee’s dramatic adventures in Hong Kong need a sequel and we hope to bring you just that near the end of 2012.

Meanwhile, we’ll be blogging on these pages regularly about digital publishing in Hong Kong. Please like LadyLit on Facebook or follow us on Twitter if you want to follow our journey. We also have a newsletter you can subscribe to if you prefer your news neatly delivered to your mail box.

* Hired Help contains graphic language and f/f sex and should not be read by people under the age of 18

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