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All About Harper


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Harper Bliss¬†writes naughty stories. Now we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk business. Harper is the reason why we’re having a summer of erotica at LadyLit*. She keeps churning out the dirty stories and, in fact, her latest e-book Summer Heat was just released on Wednesday. (If you haven’t done so yet, pick […]

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Amazon categories are tricky but essential. They’re tricky because for some inexplicable reason Amazon makes them very complicated, but they’re of the utmost importance because they give your book visibility, which is, in these days of abundant self-publishing, the single best marketing tool you can get your hands on. (Note: this post is about our […]

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To celebrate the release of A Hotter State (which includes all three of the currently released Harper Bliss novellas!) and the six month publication anniversary of Come and Go,¬†we’re having a contest. This is 2012 so it kind of has to be a social media contest. The prize is a free copy of both A […]

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Today we’ve invited Harper Bliss (the naughtiest member of the LadyLit family) to share her self-editing process. Mainly because erotica must be the worst edited genre out there, and also because, these days, people seem to think they can write down their favourite sexual fantasies, upload a poorly formatted word document, slap a picture of […]