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In need of an extremely well-priced beach read? You’re in luck because LadyLit specialises in beach reads and this week we’re lowering ALL our e-book prices to a crazy $0.99. Yes, that’s the price in USD, and yes that’s less than 8HKD or about 0.80EUR. Hey, this is a promotion after all. This means that […]

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I’ll be wearing my writer’s hat today, while disclosing which apps are completely indispensable to me. They’re not all free, but more than worth their money. 1. Scrivener My absolute number one piece of software. Without wanting to sound too dramatic (but I know I will), Scrivener changed my life. Word or Write or any other word […]

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Yesterday we launched Harper Bliss’ The Honeymoon (it’s only $0.99 until next Thursday!) and today we’d like to take you through the various steps from completed manuscript to publication. Because this blog post is about publishing (and not writing), our starting point is a beta-read, edited and proofread manuscript. We’d just like to give you a […]